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    CO License #FA40001190

    Troy Hansford can still remember the day that his father pinned his graduation badge from the fire academy on him. It was one of the greatest moments of his life. Not only was he proud of his extraordinary achievement, but he was equally honored that his father—a man who had been his hero—was sharing this moment with him. It was the perfect end to the rigorous training and incredible dedication Troy experienced by challenging himself in the academy. Little did he know that moment would also set the stage for his future successes, not only as a firefighter, but in life.

    Burning Bright
    Troy’s childhood was paved with a myriad of accomplishments. Instilled with a strong sense of motivation and pride from his father, he never settled for average heights. In high school, he worked at a commercial real estate brokerage after school and during the summer, often working long hours. After graduation and while attending college, he used his income to invest in his first real estate property. Troy learned through this experience that the best rewards are received when you work hard to get them.

    The “It” Factor
    bio3Troy took that life lesson and applied it to his future career endeavors. Often surpassing colleagues much older and more experienced, he just had that “It” factor that made people take a chance with him. His motivated attitude gives him the ability to excel no matter what he is doing. Always reaching higher is what allows him to hone in on his true passion of helping others solve problems and overcome obstacles.

    Ignite Your Dreams
    Since 1995, Troy has directed that passion of helping others towards his real estate career. Having spent all of his life in the Denver area, he understands the needs of his clients as if they were his own. He applies the same incredible work ethic and drive that allowed him personal success to his clients’ financial investment. For Troy, helping his clients ignite their dreams is as rewarding as saving a life or putting out a blaze.

    Fired Up
    Troy’s experience in construction and firefighting helps him to understand a house literally from the ground up. He points out the details of a home that others might miss. From helping you find your dream home to closing the deal with the best outcome, he walks you through every part of the process with enthusiasm and dedication.

    Troy understands that sometimes challenges arise, whether in life or in business, but he never lets that stand in his way. He is able to take any problem and solve it to get results, allowing the process to run as smoothly as possible. Troy is completely focused on protecting and watching over your best interests at all times.

    A Burning Drive
    A hero in his own right, Troy lives to help people. He lives life fully with integrity, dedication and a drive to succeed bringing these traits to each real estate transaction. With Troy, you are getting an agent who is committed to seeing you through the process from start to finish. When you’re ready to make a move in the Denver area, Troy is Fired Up about helping you achieve your financial goals.

    Troy proudly serves the real estate needs of residents in the Denver area.

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